Wheat in Dog Foods

Every visitor to all4pets will have heard about “wheat”, every day we see dogs with reactions to the wheat in their dog food …and every day we have returning customers telling us how much better the dog is doing with the change of diet. Because we see these reactions to wheat so often, including our own dogs many years ago before we realised the cause, I am convinced it does not need to be in a pet diet. Wheat is not essential in a dogs diet, at best it contributes little nutrition along with being highly glycaemic and contributing to hyperactivity after feeding and the addition of weight that happens as a result.

But, lots of dogs can have a reaction to a wheat filled diet, symptoms can be one or a combination of the following –

A strong doggy odour, even 24hrs after washing

Red patches on the tummy

Redness between the toes


Redness in the ears

Constantly soft poo.

If your dog is otherwise healthy, a change of food will be much more effective and certainly a whole lot cheaper than a regular dose of steroids from the vet. A two week wheat free trial will help prove if it is a wheat issue or something else. Wheat free food is often available for the same price as your current food, and certainly a lot better value than some so called premium foods that do actually contain wheat.

Of utmost importance when you have a wheat free dog food, is to ensure you avoid inadvertently adding wheat from other sources eg Bread, Toast, Pasta, Dog Treats or dental sticks. Always read the ingredients, look for wheat or the word “cereals” which is so vague that unless the retailer can guarantee it is wheat free then you should avoid.



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